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An Online-Journal For Objective Cultural Studies

Chief Editor: G. ANIL KUMAR

2003: Vol 3 No 1 Last Updated: 18, April 2003


The US must build its own networks and learn to swarm the terrorist network until it can be destroyed. At its heart, netwar is far more about organization and doctrine than it is about technology...John Arquilla & David Ronfeldt

"You are fighting the war against terrorism with your eyes half-closed. You are afraid of opening your eyes fully, lest you start seeing Musharraf for what he really is--the fomenter, the instigator and the sponsor of terrorism in the name of freedom-struggle. Unless and until you open your eyes fully, you will go nowhere in your war against terrorism"...B Raman

As far as the Indian media are concerned, the point is not that they must support what some government is doing. The point is about presumption. The presumption that an Indian government just will not be able to handle a situation. As India cannot be right, the presumption that everyone who speaks up for the country, everyone who stands up for it, who risks his life for it, also cannot be right. The presumption finally that every development is liable to work against India...Arun Shourie

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