Dilip R Sanvordeker

Terrorism and its effects on Sanatana Dharma in the new millennium 


The question that remains open to answers is: how can we preserve secularism with peace, civility, law, order and  religious harmony in democratic nations like India as well as minimize terrorism on civilized societies throughout the world.

Terror and Trail of Terrorism

Terror is a diabolic instillation of fear and uncertainty in the minds and hearts of civilized people of different nations of the world. Terrorism, an act of terror, is executed in different forms by obsessed people who have one mission - death and destruction of people and property to achieve their objective in an uncivilized manner. A terror-minded person resorts to clandestine means of expressing his or her acts of terror and enjoy the expression of wrath through fear, mass destruction of innocent people and property in the most hideous and cleaver manner. The agenda of a terrorist leader and his group is to demonstrate his/her will and freedom in planning and execution of such barbaric acts in disguise. Anger, hatred, disguise and courage are the four companions of a terrorist leader and his/ her companions who resort to brutal acts of terror on others who are diametrically opposed to his or her way of living, faith in God and pursuit of happiness in life in a civilized society. Their obsession of terror is empowered by fanaticism and instigation by masterminds like Osama Bin Laden, who control their execution of terrorism through multiple means of communications and rewards or dishonor to their immediate families. In this analysis of terrorism we are experiencing all over the world, an attempt is made to review effects of terrorism on the future of essence of humanity’s eternal wisdom known as Sanatana Dharma in India and in other nations where has taken roots of growth in this new Millennium. Hopefully, this analysis will inspire many young and virtuous Sanatanees, if not all, to take appropriate actions for preservation and growth of Sanatana Dharma and its future in India.

Terrorism in India – an Historical Perspective

One is often reminded of a very well known quote cited by many and that is “history repeats itself”. What we do not know is when and where it does so and for what reason certain memorable events recycle in civilizations all over the world. Terrorism has played a large role in shaping culture, civic development and inter-ethnic history of many nations of the world.

Terrorism is not new to India with a Sanatanee history that dates over 5000 years B.C. as per ancient Vedic records. Certain painfully researched historic records attest that as early as 715 A.D. terror began to show its ugly face in the Indian sub-continent with the first entry of Islamic Mujahid Mohammud bin Quassim in the  province of Sindh. Later, Sultan Subbuktigin, Muhammud Ghaznavi, Muhammud Ghuri, Kutub-bu-din, Allah-u-din Khilji, Timur and then Babur of the Mughal Dynasty– all of them resorted to massive plundering, massive executions and terrorization of Sanatanee people in northern monarchial regions to surrender to the faith of Islam. Thus Mughal dynasty took hold over north Indian provinces to place Islamic populace and culture into the Indian sub-continent.

Fourteen centuries later, Islamic militancy and terrorism continue to befall upon our people in our northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. These well executed terrorist plunders of Mujahid cells of Islamic faith, like Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammed, alias “Army of Muhammed”, Jamait-Ul-Mujahideen and many others have established their bases in Pakistan to execute plunders and terrorism under the guise of Kashmir liberation. Through instillation of fear and horror in Hindu, Sikh and reform-minded Muslim communities of Jammu and Kashmir, an environment of ethnic cleansing began to take shape to build an Islamic community with voting majority in Kashmir - the fabled settlement land of ancient Vedic Brahmin sages and their community. These strategic ethnic cleansing policies and plans of Islamic political and military warlords’ leadership of Pakistan and its governmental agencies like ISI continue to wreck havoc in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The intent of Pakistan government is clear – divert public attention from a failing and impoverished economy to Kashmir - and execute terror sponsorship under the pretense of freedom for Kashmir to partition India again and annex Kashmir into Pakistan. To date the carnage of over 60,000 innocent citizens and military personnel of India continues unabated with little or no chance for a peace between India and Pakistan. The outcome of these ethnic cleansing atrocities by Pakistan sponsored guerillas is not well known nor presented effectively by our central government to let the world community know that hundreds of Hindu, Sikh, Christian and reformist Muslim families have been killed and fear-driven in hordes out of Jammu and Kashmir.

Foundation of Terrorism & A Historic Review

Since Terrorism is again on the rise all over the world, a deep inquiry into the question on the foundation of terrorism is pertinent at this point. It seems reasonable to agree with a hypothesis that there are at best three main causes that form the foundations of terrorism in the human mind. The first cause is religious indoctrination to attain fulfillment of a faith. The second cause is socio-economic breeding of terrorist behavior promoted by abuse of a creative child in early formative years. The third cause is geo-political rebellion of brave nationalistic leaders against autocratic rulers who control the destiny of impoverished people in many nations with monarchial or dynastic governments. Routine gun battles and explosions in major towns of Middle Eastern and sub-Saharan countries attest as examples of this type of terrorism in the world.

Let us begin with the first cause of terrorism. The world history of human civilizations covering thousands of years documents that Prophetism inspires command and control of minds of those who follow a faith blindly from those who preach it for a profit. This process often ends in repression, terror, violence and war-mongering acts taught by the preacher to the follower and thus begins an expansion of a new religious faith in a given community. In this manner, religious indoctrination under Christian Church crusades as well as Islamic jihad indoctrination during the early 500 A.D. – 1500 A.D. period culminated into spread and establishments of well funded and well organized Islamic and Christian communities throughout the world. 

Some archival sources suggest that during Maurya Dynasty of 384 B.C. to 184 B.C., a significant segment of Hindus engaged in trade and cultural exchange made South East Asia, particularly the islands of Indonesia, their new homeland. Very little is known of terrorist acts imposed by Hindus on the local inhabitants of these parts of the world. 

To conclude, indoctrination from religio-political leaders financed by expansionist Monarchs of the Islamic and Christian Inquisition era in north Arabia, Europe and south east Asia began to take hold of impoverished nations of the world with little or no sense of freedom and direction in life or living. Empowered by Monarchies of Emirs, Sultans of the Middle East, Kings and Queens of various European nations, such religious crusades by the Islamic Mujahids and Christian Inquisition Missionaries changed religious faith of many generations in India and throughout the southeastern Asian and South American nations of the modern world.

The Mujahid Moors fought holy wars alias jihads in southern Spain and slaughtered millions of Christians all the way to the north only to be defeated and driven off later by a Christian military alliance of France, Italy and other European monarchies of the medieval era. These historic and decisive defeats during the 18th and 19th Centuries, at the hands of Christian Europe and persistent resistance from the Sanatanees in India prompted orthodox Islamic rulers and supreme religious proponents of Islam to seek vengeance, mass hatred and jihadic war on Christian West and Sanatanees of India.

Over a period of nearly fifty years of the last century, many Islamic Middle East nations yearning for an Utopia of world prominence of Islam funneled their petrodollar resources to promote militant indoctrination of young Mujahids in Islamic and European nations all over the world. These days we have recognized that a major program has been successfully completed in religious centers or “madrassas” of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and certain Islamic cells in European cities like London in England and Hamburg in Germany. The goal of Islamic militants is to develop a new generation of orthodox Islamic populace to adhere strictly to the laws of Islam. All those who do not follow these laws are unbelievers and subsequently subject to conversion to one true faith of Islam. To these fanatics of Islam, it becomes a mandate to plan and foment terror in the hearts and minds of all those affluent and secular nations whose citizens and permanent residents practice many religious faiths and belief in many forms of God other than Allah. For Pakistan, this strategy provided a timely financial and political opportunity for cross-order terrorism to promote its agenda for annexing Kashmir, now an absolute Muslim majority state, into Pakistan. Since President Zia -Ul -Huq’s days, the military leadership of Pakistan in concert with these orthodox fanatics and “hired hands” from Afghanistan began to engage in terrorism in Kashmir for conversion or coercion of non-Islamic minority like the Sikhs, Hindus and Christians communities alike into Islamic communities. It is this foundation of terrorism that India and the world of the 21st Century are wrestling to control and contain in this new Millennium.

The second cause of terrorism is of the socio-economic kind and it is triggered circumstantially or possibly promoted genetically in an angry and insecure child during the formative years. The insecure child with obsessive- compulsive mind-set turns into a terrorizing and angry adult filled with rage against others including his or her parents due to an unhappy, angry and violent rearing by the parents. Such a person in adult life lives a solitary life. Such a juvenile terrorist associates with those with similar ideas of disruption and expression of anger with acts of violence albeit terrorism in a community. The gang or clan formation of these juvenile delinquents promotes new ideas and execution of terror in the community. These juvenile terrorists-in-the making are raised by unhappy and non-caring parents. Development of such demented citizens has no national boundaries. These love-deprived personalities snap into behavior filled with anger and terror depending on the encouragement and company he or she gets to act and incite and express terror and harm to others. This type of terrorism is on the rise in industrialized and developed countries but at a much lower rate than that from the religious indoctrination. These home grown despots are generally associated with cults or clans of one or the other esoteric name. They get pleasure defying civility and respect for law and order of a community and they express their anger with acts of terrorism with destruction or damage of government or private property. Bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in the U.S. and gassing of commuters in subway train station in Tokyo, Japan, serve as examples of home grown terrorists with demented rearing during their childhood. Their obsession of terror has a socio-pathological origin not fully understood by most of us in the mainstream of living a normal life. A lot needs to be done to understand and reign in this type of terrorism threat to the affluent and developing communities.

The third cause of terrorism - the geo-political cause- is nationalistic both in form and nature. Those nations with autocratic rule in today’s well-informed world have become targets of this type of terrorism. Over the years, Islamic and Christian fanatics who have been and are autocratic leaders have committed massive acts of terrors. To overthrow autocracy, repression and liberate politically active opponents of the ruling party, many nationalistic leaders committed to freedom of choice have fought through terrorism to de-stabilize the command and control autocracies of these nations. Furthermore, monarchial dynasties in Islamic nations have been in power for many years. Democratization and people empowerment in many Middle Eastern nations has been slow. Committed fundamentalist like Osama Bin Laden thirsty for Islamic power and supremacy in the world have resorted to acts of terror on nations who support these Monarchies of the Middle East. In the terror world of Osama Bin Laden, the barbaric mission of destruction of 9/11/2000 in USA was focused to put political and social pressure on United States, a leading western nation supporting monarchial kingdoms of the Middle East with quid-pro-quo defense support in exchange for oil trade. The objective of Islamic terror clubs like Al-qaeda is to break geo-political alliance of these kingdoms with the western nations, particularly the United States, which benefits from oil supply and establish a Dar-Ul-Islamic empire free of presence of non-Islamic people and their political or military presence in Middle Eastern countries.

The question that remains open to answers at this point is how can we preserve secularity with peace, civility, law, order and communal harmony in democratic nations like India as well as minimize terrorism on civilized societies throughout the world.

Jihad & Secular Integrity of India

The reasons for this sad state of terrorism affecting our nation are obvious to those who read history and who care to know the truth and do something to eliminate terrorism from Indian soil. It must not be forgotten that in the name of secularism, our “motherly” Congress Party leaders and their government postured to ignore the development of Kashmir catastrophe and kept public uninformed and at bay for a number of years. This wait and watch policy of tolerance with Pakistan and China combined with intellectual failure of the Congress leaders - Nehru, Menon and Indira Gandhi- and their government prompted a continuous wave of terror and violence in Jammu and Kashmir for over thirty five years. The events of September 11, 2001 terrorism in the United States, the attack on Indian Parliament, the suicidal bombing and killing of innocent people in Israel shows that militant Islamic terrorism in the form of jihad is again on the rise all over the world. What prompts these terrorist acts and what sources  other than financial support  from Islamic  States contribute to this surge of Islamic militancy in the Indian sub-continent?

In a seminal work “The Quranic Concept of War” by Brigadier S.K. Malik of Pakistan states that Jihad is the most glorious word in the vocabulary of Islam. It is a continuous and never-ending struggle of Islam on all fronts. In his writings  “Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy (of Islam), it is a decision we wish to impose upon him ”. Pakistan has thus put terror doctrine into practice in its proxy war in Kashmir.

That a non-Muslim is a Khafir, an Infidel, and every Muslim has the right to eliminate such Infidels is preached through many ways and means to the Pakistani military and their para-military followers. Since mediaeval days of Islam, recital of principles of Islamic expansionism has become a gospel of preaching thoughts, actions, habits and character of the Islamic fundamentalists of Pakistan. This information is not new for those who care to know and learn about all religious faiths in the world- including the Islam. The Writ Petition to the High Court of Calcutta filed on March 29, 1985 by Chandmal Chopra provides documentation of the Islamic tenets of command and control of Infidels. An illustrated account of its proceedings is well documented in a book entitled “ The Calcutta Quran Petition” written and published by  Sitaram Goel. This book is an eye-opener and it provides an interested reader all the necessary details. 

The fundamentalist cleric and Imam indoctrination have encouraged hard core practitioners of Islam to promote militancy described in Islamic scriptures. Due to their orthodox fears of reforming of Islam by reformist Muslims and acceptance of these reformists by secularists of many other religious faiths, these obsessed militant Islamic terrorists financed with petro-dollars are now engaged in jihadic terror all over the world. It has brought to bear the poisonous fruits of terrorism in Kashmir, New York, Washington D.C., and the Indian Parliament in New Delhi, Israel and elsewhere in the world with one sole objective to gain religio-political supremacy of Islam and or attention in the world.

Under the pretense of fighting for freedom, terrorism derived from Islamic fundamentalism patronized by Pakistan for annexing Kashmir has taken a strong hold in many northern towns of India. To date, terrorism continues to bleed the morale and hearts of our people, our defense forces. Based on the recent political response India has received from Pakistan, indications are that this scourge is not going to blow away unless the Indian leadership acts decisively to put a stop to it. .

How can we stop these barbaric bloodshed events? Why have we been so blind in our assessment of these events and take proper steps to neutralize the cause before the events occur? Why have we failed to act decisively as one secular Nation united to defeat the insurgence of these Islamic fanatics? What is it that we do know and don’t know that makes us what we are? What do we miss in our constitution, our character that we cannot make proper policy and political decisions to put these terrorist insurgencies to rest and defend Kashmir, our land of Vedic heritage? Can this sponsored terror spread to other states in India and cause a socio-economic damage to the fabric of democracy in India? What must our government do to preserve and protect Sanatanees and citizens of India with other religious faiths? Will history repeat an Islamic rule over perceptually “shy, fearful, cowry and tolerant, spineless” Sanatanees again? Let us review some basics of Sanatana Dharma, its present condition and practice of Sanatanees in India and then decide what must be done.

Our Vedic Heritage 

The answers to many of these above questions posed above may lie in our introspection and in the annals of our history, a history rich in virtues and code of conduct with our belief and direct devotion of God in many forms as described in our Sanathana Dharma. In a simplistic definition, Sanatana Dharma provides Vedic wisdom and guidance to followers of its beliefs and faith to uphold firmly to eternal truths. It provides a pathway to live a moral life of virtue and follow a moral code of social and spiritual conduct that provides peace and happiness in life to the family and community at large. Since ancient times dating back to about 10, 000 B.C., the Sanatana Dharma has been enriched with spirituality and the wisdom of eternal truths earned through inquiry into the unknown by a social assembly of peace-loving civilized families of ethnic people who were wise Sages. Sanskrit was their language of communication and prayers offered to the Supreme envisioned in many Deity forms. These scholarly Sages called Rishis, placed emphasis on inquiry into the known and the unknown and then they conveyed their conclusions through teachings to the Vedic community in the form of Sanskrit recitals and face to face sessions of questions and answers. The Vedas and Upanishads were thus memorized and later written in Sanskrit to pass this wisdom of life to future generations.The enlightened Vedic Sages practiced a code of conduct in life that were expressed as profound knowledge in the Vedas and Upanishads. Idolatry- worship of God in different forms of stone or other carved idol form- was born in Vedic civilization. 

Jai Hind, the two words inspire all of us because they reaffirm culture, practices and principles of Sanathana Dharma also known as Hinduism by people of all other religious faiths.  In modern times, it was Baal Gangadhar Tilak who understood the Vedic principles of Hinduism and started Swaraj movement for liberation of the Hindu Nation from British colonial rule in the early 20th century. Great literary works by Tilak, Shree Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda and many other Hindu scholars attest to us that the Vedas have been our founding constitution devoted to a moral path for Man’s active life. In essence, Hindus or Sanatanees are provided sufficient guidance by the Vedas to practice truth, virtues, ethical and moral conduct with others in everyday life. Through Aum (Om), the Sanatanees practice a focal means to offer prayers to the Supreme in many shapes and forms of Deities, to meditate for peace and wellbeing of the Earth and its surroundings, the Universe, the Self, the people around us and receive blessing from the Supreme. Our founding Vedic age wise men and women - the Rishis - continue to guide us for peace and mental tranquility through their Vedic books. The eternal truths and code of conduct they conveyed serve us well in the best of historic time of Mauryas as well as the worst of barbaric times of Babar and his Mughal dynasty with Islamic code and conduct and hatred of inhabitants of India, the Infidels or the Khafirs.

It is no surprise that the Vedas, Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, Puranas and our Sanatanee Samskritee ( code of ethical conduct, cultural rules and regulations) continue to influence us not just in our nation, but our NRIs and non-Sanathanees of all nations throughout the modern world of cyperspace. The German Scholar Max Mueller, discovered that infinite wisdom and knowledge of our Vedic Sages, who peacefully engaged themselves in introspection, was attained by our Sages through concentration and control of thought for a spiritual awakening of human mind. These Vedic sages recognized and transcribed the Sanatanee vision of the concentration of thought on the Universe and its creation in one word AUM (OM). Sanatanees settled all over the world recognize Aum (OM) as a symbol of concentration of our thought and mind with the Universe synonymous with God, a new beginning, a symbol of peace and tolerance, a symbol of our Vedic ancestry. The wisdom and spirituality of our sages and Rishis continue to strengthen forbearance in our character through the Sanskrit Verses and Mantras we recite from the books of Vedas and Upanishads. These books rich in human inquiry and knowledge for conduct of life with wisdom from birth to death are open to anyone interested to educate oneself and others including the fundamentalists of Islam engaged in the practice of jihad or the “Holy War”.

What Sanatanee people need to understand and practice in these times of world terrorism inspired and caused by radicals of Islamic faith is a true challenge in the 21st Century. Since Sanatanee faith is better defined as a way of conduct of life, it neither has any Prophets or their holy books to dictate religious rules and instructions for other humans to follow. Nor do Sanatanees have a compelling ambition to force their faith on others outside of the Indian sub-continent. The Rand History of Civilizations of the world shows that Sanatana or Hindu civilization has steadily endured in Indian subcontinent for thousands of years without wilting into oblivion. One conclusion may be drawn is that we have internalized our “way of life and devotion of God in many forms” with recitals of verses and Mantras from the Vedas and Upanishads in our minds. This “internalization” of the Supreme in many forms retains our bonding and keep us expanding our AUM (OM) Universe despite all the Islamic plunders and Christian crusades Sanatanees encountered over thousands of years of our history. Sanatanees have no compulsions of Prophetic commandments to adopt nor do they have an obligation or a crusading mandate from our faith to be a missionary to convert other people into Sanatanees . The golden era of Sanatanees during the Maurya Dynasty (ca. 384 B.C. to 184 B.C.) epitomizes the peak of Sanatana Dharma Hindu Nation.  Over  several centuries, because of inherent nature and being what they are, a majority of Sanatanees have shown the strength in their way of life and express their respect, friendship and tolerance up to an unbearable  limit to fellow citizens of India who practice Islam, Christianity. In fact, under constitutional rights, India has passed several laws to assure safety and security of our people of all other religious faiths including legal allowance of polygamy by the Muslims of India.

Sanatana Dharma in the New Millennium

As the new Millennium has begun, it is extremely important to accept the fact that the practice of Sanatana Dharma values and virtues is now in a state of free fall. Sanatanees in the nation have lost the Vedic fervor. Sanatanees have shown no desire or commitment to patronize and learn Sanskrit in our elementary or secondary schools. English and Hindi- closer to Urdu - has taken a lead in national life.  Sanskrit – once used to recite Vedic scriptures by many on a daily basis has become nearly obsolete, a historic language for millions of Sanatanees residing in India and elsewhere in the world. Sanskrit and Vedic Learning centers in India have declined in large numbers due to the fact that they receive neither business sponsors’ patronage nor substantial funding from our secular-minded central government and state governments of the nation. In its place, Sanatanees have promoted social rights of  minorities.

Where does this lead Sanatana Dharma  in the 21st Century?

Have  Sanatanees begun to practice some form of self- destruction jihad?  Are Sanatanees in India following the ways and means of fundamental Islamic militancy we know of the Moghul days on Sanatanee culture and wage terror on ourselves? Do modern day “goonda”extorts of well off citizens in the nation and related covert Sanatahanee gang activities resemble those recorded in the history of India? Does the state governments have the will to rise to the cause of the good and wellbeing of Sanatanees in India in these troubling times of terrorism in New Delhi and Kashmir? Is the Center doing what it has because of what U.S. is doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan after 9/11? The answer may lie in the following possibility on which hangs the fate of Sanatanees in India - not too distant foreseeable future.

Islamic India & The Fate of Sanatanees- A Wake-up Call    

Those engaged in the readership of history of India shall recognize the fact that Islamic militant atrocities and terrorism of the past since the period of Muhammad bin Qasim in 715 A.D.  to Babar empire of 1519 A.D. were strategically focused to promote growth of Islamist population in the Indian sub-continent. Their mission was based on the principles of jihad as described in the holy book of Islam. To reference this subject a bit more, a recent book published by Koenraad Elst, a Belgian scholar and an Historian who studied Indian history entitled “Negationism in India - Concealing The Record of Islam” clearly documents barbarism committed by the Islamic Mughal rulers and their homegrown Islamic community during the days of Mogul Dynasty.

In modern times after independence in 1947, our free fall from our Vedic values combined with concealment of numerous political blunders by the Congress Party continued over a period of thirty years or so with our Nehru-Gandhian Dynasty and politics. Our secular minded Sanatanee intellectuals home grown by the Congress party promoted sustenance of tolerance of crimes of terror and fears in us to avoid anarchy and terrorism all over India. This policy resulted in promoting secularism into non-chartered and inequitable policies to govern our nation.

In all of this, however, we have experienced a silver lining of a strong democracy over the past fifty years. We have demonstrated to the world at large that the people of India can embrace democracy and sustain it with our attempts to uplift the life of an average man in our villages, our metropolitan and suburban cities. Sanatanee, Jain, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Sikh and fellow citizens of many other religious faiths have embraced democracy and principles of “live and let live” for a sustained peace and progress in the nation- outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Since the development and execution of our Constitution by Dr. Ambedkar, we have pronounced India as a secular nation. The fact of the matter is that the Islamic faith constituents of India find themselves in a conflict with their Muslim Cannon Law. It defines that the Muslim world is divided into that which is Dar-Ul-Islam, a land governed by those who are followers of Islam and Dar-Ul-Harb, a land governed or ruled by those who are not followers of Islam. Much remains to be seen how this conflict will affect Sanatanees, Christians,  and Sikhs when the march of time makes India a country with majority of Muslim population.

 Assuming a growth rate of 3%, for the Islamic population and a 2% growth rate of Sanatanee population, statistical calculation theoretically shows that the Islamic population will be a majority of India by the end of this Century. In theory, India can have a majority of Muslims with voting and vested rights and protection of the Indian Constitution by the end of this Century.

Where does this leave Sanatanees in the geo-political governance and their future in India? Will history repeat itself to fulfil an Islamic dream of an India as a Dar-Ul-Islam nation? Are Sanatanees waiting for re-incarnation of Shree Krishna to save them again from another Kashmir-style battle of ethnic cleansing in the land of Sanatanees? Can Sanatanee people of India reform their thinking and assert their cause for preservation of Sanatana Dharma in the Land of its Origin? Will ethnic cleansing that has occurred in Kashmir spread all over the country?

The time has come for all Sanatanees to pay attention to a terror-sponsored wake-up call they are getting in the new Millennium. The rhetoric of the Imams and Mullahs in India to join hands and defend Islam in these trying times is a deep national concern that needs vigilance and introspection by Sanatanees as well as all other citizens of India to avoid terror in the nation. Time is now to preserve and protect our Vedic values and Sanatana code of conduct under a potential rule by Islamic majority in India. Sanatanees must now focus attention to bolster their religious and cultural institutions that have given them Sanskrit, Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. 

Business, religious, local community as well as political leaders who practice Sanatana Dharma must join hands to implement a drastic change in Sanatanee thinking on parenting and nurturing our children to reform current practices that are self-fulfilling Sanatana destiny into oblivion. People in local and national leadership position regardless of their status in society and factional membership must join hands to preserve, protect, revive and bring a new sense of renaissance of Sanatana Dharma. This can and must be accomplished in a manner that is honest, decisive and generous for promotion of basic values of Sanatana Dharma and devotion of God in many Deity forms. These efforts can only be successful if and when the central government in New Delhi provides adequate patronage and scholarly support to benefit the cause of establishment of Sanatana Dharma Cultural Centers throughout India to promote values and virtue in our new generation of Sanatanees of India. These Centers of Excellence all over India can preserve modernity while uplift the values and ethics of young people in primary, secondary schools and colleges. Basic courses, seminars and understanding of Vedic history and principles of our faith for a honest, moral and tolerant conduct in life must be taught and practiced for the well-being of Sanatanees and people of all religious faiths in the nation. In the West as well as in Japan, the Mormon Christian faith, a peaceful religious sect of Christianity, is financially and community wise prospering all over the world above and beyond anybody’s expectations. Why is it so? The answer lies in basic reforms the Mormons executed for maintenance of the faith. The Church developed and executed a well-organized strategy to promote and reassure current faith followers of the validity and value of their teaching in the Mormon New Testament Bible. High school and College age volunteers under guidance from their Church seniors take turns to visit their community homes every week all over the U.S. and Japan. They provide information exchange from the Church teachings selected from the Bible that describes ways and means by which a true Christian can find peace, prosperity and happiness in family life. It is time to reinforce through similar means the eternal truths, code of conduct based on high moral principles and truth to our new generation now getting deluged and lost in a sea of change in values and conduct  which Sanatana Dharma followers’ demonstrate in day to day life.

A Vision for the Future 

 Every nation, particularly India, has to demonstrate a resolve to protect national boundaries and preserve democracy from religion based terrorism at any cost.  Every secular nation must engage in education and improvise resources to modify religio-political mind-sets of the new generation of young and old people of all walks and religious faith. Those citizens impregnated with religious hatred and anger hidden deeply within the conclaves of their mind need to be identified by every citizen concerned about terror in their community and make arrangements to assure that terrorist actions are neutralized. Terrorism in such an environment will be minimized to insignificance, if not eliminated permanently. Democratic peace and prosperity in India suggests that the Islamic population south of Jammu and Kashmir has been adaptive and reform-minded with respect to their code of conduct and practice of Islam. Business focused Bollywood community harmony and camaraderie between Sanatanee and Muslim movie stars has certainly helped a lot to promote national peace and avoid “dunga” style terror in the nation. Recent carnage and violence instigated by Islamic militancy as evidenced in many cities in the state of Gujarat  and Uttar Pradesh is a serious wake-up call for all Sanatanees assess  the need for reforms and determine their course of destiny in the new millennium.

Democratization of India has paid great dividends to promote prosperity of all Indian citizens regardless of their religious faith. The general trend is apparently going in the direction of modernity, peace all prosperity for all citizens regardless of their religious faith. As for the future, Turkey, another secular democratic country with a majority of Islamic population, may be considered a model of study by Sanatanees in India to understand reality, and build on peace and prosperity for all by the end of this Millennium.  

Many non- Islamic nations throughout the world, particularly in Europe, North America and Australia have embraced the principles and practice of Sanatana Dharma with open arms. There are more than 3000 temples throughout North America - United States and Canada- and the number keeps on increasing every year. Sanatanees all the world over have established many Internet web sites promoting Sanatana Dharma alias Hinduism, Sanskrit, Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvat Geeta, and our devotional Shlokas dedicated to all Deities of Sanathana Dharma. Many Sanskirt books including treatise of all Vedas are also available on many Internet sites for any reader interested in the Sanatana Dharma and its philosophy on life. It is a fact that the Sanatana Dharma tree has now established its roots in many other lands outside of India. The Sanatannes, well-educated and well-prepared with excellent basic and formal education in India, who immigrated to Asia, Europe, North and South America as well as Australia and New Zealand have become the founding fathers of the Sanatana Dharma in their new homeland. Sanatana Dharma will grow and prosper in North America, Europe, Australia and elsewhere outside the boundaries of Islamic State nations because it has promoted eternal truth, practical wisdom without Prophetism, ethical code of conduct, spirituality and yoga meditation into the unknown for internal peace and living in harmony with others. Today, given the state of conduct Sanatanees display in their everyday life in India, it is hard to predict if India shall remain a land of the Sanatanees or not.

The destiny of Sanathana Dharma in India is now in the hands of those leaders and the people of India who have read the history of India, origins of terror in India, Vedic genesis of tolerance, and a dire need for Dharma preservation in India. Simply building more temples does not serve the cause of preservation of Sanatana Dharma. Honest, not covert and practice of Sanatana Dharma without vengeance can and should do wonders. Dr. Annie Besant , a well-known Theosophist of the last millennium, noted  that India alone can save  Hinduism  because Indian soil and Sanatana Dharma are inseparable. 



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