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TRUTH IS GOD is a non-commercial online journal dedicated to cultural studies. Its main purpose is to generate understanding and awareness of cultural issues and current problems and to enlist wider participation in the ongoing scholorly discussios on issues of vital social concern.

The Journal intends to promote and publish doctrinal and empirical studies,on the issues relevant to indigenous cultures and ancient civilizations. It includes all major areas of social sciences and humanities, viz. philosophy,religion,history,heritage,culture,inter-communal studies and education.

It accords particular importance to the study of HINDU situation on account of its realisation that it has scarcely been objectively studied and analysed.

TRUTH IS GOD is ready to publish articles and essays from all interested students and scholors of social sciences and humanities as long as their research priorities and purposes are in harmony with its own. However,all responsibilities for opinion expressed,and accuracy of facts,vests exclusively with the authors and not with the Journal or its editorial board.

The Chief Editor reserves the rights to accept or reject any article and to make minor editorial revisions. All correspondence should be sent to the Chief Editor.

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