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Dear Shri Anil Kumar,

Namaste and Salaam.
I appreciate your spreading the word on dhimmitude.
Best wishes,

Jai Hind

-Suhail Ahmad banglori

Great Effort!


Congratulations for your fine site and your traditional religion. We rank Hinduism very high in the catalog of the pure traditional religions! Visit our site "Dodecatheon", the traditional Greek religion:

We congratulate you for your excellent pages informing about jihad and muslim fontamentalism!

-Agis Marinis for the Societas HellenicaAntiquariorum

Proper Vision

Dear Mr/Dr. Anil Kumar,
As you know, the U.S. was attacked by Jihadis . The time has come to rise up and present the expression of facts you, Ram Swarup and Jeffery Goldberg have assembled on Islamic Jihad and its relationship to terrorism to appropriate publications such as the Wall Street Journal.The wider the coverage, the more impact it will have in today's Internet world.

The U.S. probably knows that what they have evidenced in these acts of war is a result of the effectiveness of these indoctrination schools in Pakisthan, Afghanistan and Middle East that are breeding a generation of Jihadees who will torment and destroy the Sanathanees in India and elsewhere as well as people of all other religious faith who do not subscribe to Islam and its code of conduct in life or life after death in heaven as they preach it to young minds-at-large in isolation and seclusion of the preachers at a very young age.
I applaud your team efforts to expose these efforts with the proper vision on the web site.

- Dilip Sanvordeker

Real Mother Teresa

I read the article about Mother Teresa
( and I was shocked that someone else in the world should try to look beyond the garb of "Oh, how wonderful she is" --this is something I have thought about since a good while but have been dismissed as a cynic by my friends and acquaintances.

My own disillusionment regarding "Mother" Teresa came about when I read in a newspaper that her "church" in West Bengal is made completely of oak (the innards). Of course this is unverified because I have never been there, but it did make me pause and think - hmm, is she really the "great one" that she is touted to be?

Kind regards,
Shashank Tripathi

TRUTH and Reality


This is my first viewing of the site. I found it by means of a search with Some time ago I formed a thesis that "TRUTH is GOD" in several contexts. The basis of the thesis springs from a lifetime of work (I am 73) and thought about religion and philosophy.

I reason that since TRUTH is unitary, in that all that is true is governed by TRUTH universal, nothing exists without TRUTH, and non-existence depends upon TRUTH; TRUTH must be that than which nothing greater could be conceived to exist. Specifically, if GOD exists, it must be true that GOD exists. Further, if GOD does not exist, it must be true that GOD does not exist. Thus, TRUTH is required whether GOD exists or GOD does not exist.

If anything is true, TRUTH exists. Something is true, therefore TRUTH exists (Modus ponens).If TRUTH does not exist, nothing is true (Modus tollens). TRUTH exists. It is not possible to conceive that TRUTH does not exist. Yet, it is possible to deny the existence of GOD atheist). But, the atheist must not deny the existence of TRUTH. TRUTH is transcendental to what is true. TRUTH is spiritual and the monistic principle of all reality and what is true is a manifestation of the transcendence of TRUTH.

-Frank Goodman, The Senior