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Will Pakistani Terrorism in India increase with the war?


Terrorism in India should also increase with the war-heat in the Middle East!  Musharraf has only two options before him vis--vis his non-conventional Jihadi army.  One, he should allow them to do whatever they want to do against the US interests.  And the second one is, he should divert their current attention from Iraq to other Jihad-spots on the earth in order to appease them to mitigate their anger against the US attack on Iraq, which they perceive as an attack of Islam.


Neither Pakistan, nor its Jihadis can directly hurt the US- interests, at least for now.  So, more Jihad on other soft-targets like Kashmir and Hindus is the only available and feasible alternative for Pakistan.


Here, we should identify two types of wars.  First one is the jihad-war, which is based on illusions.  The other war is that of the US, which is based on assumptions.  Like the Jihadi-illusion, the United States assumptions are also irrational and illegitimate.


It is irrational because there is not even a single thread of evidence, which proves that if Iraq is able to obtain weapons of mass destruction (WMD) it will certainly use them against the US.  It is illegitimate to think that the preemptive war on Iraq is the only means of nullifying the threat posed by Iraqs WMD, about which still no one seems to be clear in his mind.


Contrast this action with Musharrafs repeated nuclear-blackmails.  For America, even with its entire terroristbackground and WMD capability, Pakistan is still not a threat to either its interests or to world-peace! And Saudi Arabias indoctrination of religious hatred at the international level, for which it spends large amount of money, which, according to its state-owned journal, is astronomical, is not at all a big-enough headache that needs any treatment.  Even if these countries are there in the United States hit list, as some strategic analysts would like us to believe, they are certainly not visible in the first page, or perhaps even in the first volume of that list!